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peacefulleigh ([personal profile] peacefulleigh) wrote2012-06-19 02:53 pm

Friends Cut

I'm getting ready to do a friends cut on here of people who I don't interact with and/or people who haven't updated their own journals in a year or more. If that applies to you, please let me know if you want to stay on my list.

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please do not cut me! I could not bear such a thing

I'm lousy at LJ lately, but I'm still here.
Ya know?

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Sassi, your status with me is "permanent".



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See, now this is AWESOME.


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I want to stay. <3

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Duh. ;)

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Still read. But I got in trouble for bitching online about work and is ruined my confidence is friends only remaking friends only, so I haven't really been posting. Dont cut me :)

X Kate

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Okie dokey. You're safe! :)

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p.s. I hope you post again soon. I miss hearing about your girls. :)

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You know I want to be here!!! Don't bet rid of me, I need younger people in my life!!

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You're safe, greyhound friend. :)

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Got nuthin but love for ya <3

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Back atcha, KT.
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Don't even think about it!

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It was never a question for you, my little chia pet.

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Good, because I am not above stalking. :P